Great Western Cattle Trail

Also known as the Western Trail, Fort Griffin Trail, Dodge City Trail, Northern Trail or Texas Trail, it was used for next 11 years for the major migration of longhorns coming from Texas. In 1874, Captain John T. Lytle was the first to herd cattle up the Trail. He brought 3,500 longhorns from southern Texas.

Road closures in Paris

PARIS, Tex. (KXII) — Paris police are temporarily redirecting traffic in areas of Paris with a lot of water on the roads. The 4400 block of Southeast Loop 286, near the intersection of the Northeast Texas Trail, is being redirected to side roads. Paris Emergency Manager Randy Tuttle says drivers should also …

Hiking the Trail

"The is a picture of my son while we hiked the Northeast Texas Trail recently (near Clarksville). Just enjoying being outside on a nice day spending time with my son." — Karl Whitehurst. Submit your own great photo and win a 1-year subscription to County Line Magazine for you or a friend. Here's how!

World record-holder to visit Guam

My first ultramarathon was the Texas Trail 50 Miler in 1991. I finished third in 7:48:49. I was running about 50 miles per week to prepare for this race. I've always done some cross training. I've been lifting weights, swimming, biking and running for about 45 years. Over the past 30 years, I've raced about …

The real thing

His uncle, George, was the dean of Texas trail drivers and wrote the book that chronicled the period. When I was teaching the history of the west, I would show transparencies of the various trails showing the routes. Then I would tell them that this was an approximation, since the drivers gathered at a …