Trinity Strand Trail

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The Trinity Strand Trail is a proposed 7.8-mile, hike/bike commuter and recreational trail that will run along the course of the original Trinity River in Dallas, Texas (USA), also known as Old Meanders. This part of the Trinity River flows through the heart of the Dallas Design District. Trinity Strand Trail plays a key part in the vision for the Old Trinity River corridor. It will provide a great recreational resource for the area and will also connect to Katy Trail, the Southwestern Medical District, Dallas Market Center and several residential and commercial properties.

Trinity Strand Trail/Katy Trail Connection

Trinity Strand Trail has partnered with the Friends of the Katy Trail to connect both trails at Goat Hill and the land donation, valued at $2M, was secured in November 2007. The master plan for the Connection was approved by the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Board in 2011, and 50% of the schematic design and 75% of the hydrology studies are also complete.

The Trinity Strand Trail/Katy Trail Connection is a joint trail project between Trinity Strand Trail and Katy Trail. This project will connect 3.5 miles of Katy Trail with almost 8 miles of Trinity Strand Trail. The Connection will begin at Katy Trail’s Victory Overlook and travel over Houston Street, through Stemmons Park and underneath Stemmons Freeway and Oak Lawn Avenue, connecting with the concrete spine of Trinity Strand Trail on the old Trinity River channel. When complete, this trail will join Uptown, downtown, the Dallas Design District, Southwestern Medical District, the Infomart, Stemmons Corridor businesses, and hotels in the area.

The Connection will also serve as an accessory connection to a future city park that will function as a landscaped gateway in the area, traveling through Stemmons Park, an undeveloped piece of land near the intersection of Stemmons Freeway and Oak Lawn Avenue. This park is rich with history and used to house P.C. Cobb Stadium, a 23,000 seat arena for high school sports. Since the stadium was demolished in 1985, it has been used as a dumping ground and construction staging site, which has unfortunately destroyed the native habitat and vegetation in the area.

In addition, a natural creek winds through the park. This portion of Turtle Creek is a small tributary of the Trinity River, with its headwaters located in University Park. Trinity Strand Trail will restore life back into this creek and the surrounding area and provide a natural space for relaxation within the highly urban Medical District, Dallas Market Center, Design District and downtown Dallas.


  • Trail Measurement: 7.8 Miles
  • Compass Latitude: 32°47'53.1"N
  • Compass Longitude: 96°49'08.8"W
  • Numeric Latitude: 32.798087
  • Numeric Longitude: -96.819113
  • Elevation in Meters:
  • Elevation in Feet:

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